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Only Cash Surveys
Only Cash Surveys offers users a $5 head start for registering. They pay with cash through PayPal when a minimum of $50 is reached.

Ipsos does not ask you to provide preconceived favorable or adverse reviews. It asks you to honestly rate the product as you felt it to be and to be completely honest while delivering the review.

Inbox Dollars
One of the most popular paid survey websites that you will find on the internet, Inbox Dollars provide stay at home jobs and unemployed people a fantastic chance to earn a sizeable chunk of cash. An initiative taken by Inbox Dollars that has significantly boosted its popularity is its policy of instant payment.

Not leaving much room for subtlety, this website is well renowned in the paid survey world. In order to entice people in to using the website and joining it, Paidsurveys offers an amazing $20 bonus for simply joining the website and registering yourself. If you get the right sort of surveys you can make a large amount of money as surveys can range from $10 and even go up to $150.

Not only can you take various surveys after signing up for free on Vindale, you can also buy products and review them as well, for which you will get paid. Apart from surveys, you can take part in evaluations, deals, watching videos, reward mail, referrals and cash contests to give a further boost to your income.

Global Test Market
All you need to do is register for free on Global Test Market and voice your opinion on the products and surveys that are on offer. In return, you will be rewarded with points that will be awarded depending on the surveys you take. If a survey requires a lot more time than an average survey, your pay will be increased accordingly. On the other hand, if your survey is very difficult to complete, you will again receive a better reward.

Toluna is not just a paid survey website; here, you can ask and answer questions in order to discover new facts or simply the opinions of other people. Not only do you ask and provide opinions, you will also be rewarded properly.

My Survey
Mysurvey is one best paid survey sites and one of the few legitimate paid survey websites that offers you compensation in return for filling out any of their surveys.

American Consumer Opinion
American Consumer Opinion offers their panelists questionnaires several times a year. Each paid survey is either rewarded with points, cash or other rewards although mostly points. When anyone has accumulated 1000 points, he can redeem them for money; 1 point is equivalent to 1 penny.
Why Surveys?

Surveys are a valuable method of testing public opinion for political campaigns, product pricing, marketing strategies, etc. There are some sources that offer various forms of compensation for participating in surveys.
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