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Easy-to-Access a Fortune in Mercury - Contact megagenius(at)

Multi-Billion Dollar Iron Deposit - Contact megagenius(at)

Unique Program to Multiply Profits in Stocks - Contact megagenius(at)

Unique Adventure Business - Contact megagenius(at)

Unique Personal Hype Business - Contact megagenius(at)

Computer script to remind people when to take their medicine - Contact megagenius(at)

Digital clock tracks total cost of a meeting after each attendee's hourly cost is entered - Contact megagenius(at)

Publication (or device) that makes better use of the advertising potential to of airline passengers - Anonymous

Build public storage units on airport grounds - Anonymous

Design a handy picker-upper for picking up things on the ground-Anonymous

A virtual career path screener featuring real life exposure to jobs, primarily for high school students-Anonymous

Automated followup system for doctors to patients-Anonymous

Use of borax for a facial cleanser because it removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin soft and fresh-Anonymous

An elastic wristband with a notepad attached...great for carpenters, etc.-Anonymous

A national job board for all employers & all jobseekers operated as a coop similar to a securities exchange-Megagenius

Wind farms on large commercial & industrial buildings-Megagenius
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