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Have you ever bought what you thought was a good appliance, only to find out from the first repairman visit that if you had asked the repairman what to buy and what not to buy, he never would have recommended what you bought. In fact, he normally won't even work on them.

Have any of you noticed that since July, 2011, your dish washer has been leaving a white residue after its wash cycle? The reason is that Big Brother decided that all dish washer detergent could no longer use phosphate...which was the real cleaning agent. And the industry is still struggling to find an adequate substitute. Rumor has it that hospitals, restaurants and other commercial kitchens can still use dishwashing detergent containing phosphates. We suggest you check out commercial suppliers. We hoarded a 5 year supply of the old stuff.

Curly Lightbulbs
Fed up with those curly light bulbs that cost more and burn out sooner. The EPA maintains that you must follow a 14 step disposal process because those bulbs contain mercury. The old bulbs did not contain mercury, so why would the EPA expose our children to mercury poisoning? And why did GE close all of their incandescent light bulb plants and sell the equipment to China. GE is a well-known supporter of this administration and its coziness with the eco geniuses. Make sense to you? Not us!

Dents in Carpet
Move furniture away from dents and place ice cubes in dents. After ice melts, use a fork to lift flattened carpet fibers. Repeat if necessary.

Minor Burns
Immediately place minor burned skin area under running cold water or even apply ice to help eliminate pain and blister development. Further care to prevent infection is recommended.

Minor Skin Scrapes
Hydrogen peroxide poured on minor skin scrapes will foam up and help remove dirt and germs without causing any discomfort unlike rubbing alcohol which will sting.

Wine Stains
To remove wine stains from cloth napkins, table cloths and clothing, pour a mound of table salt on the stain and run very hot water through the stain which will remove it. Repeat if necessary. The same applies to wine stains in carpet, but some scrubbing with very hot water and a brush will help make up for a lack of running water

Sunken Electric Receptacles
Before doing the following procedure, shut off the circuit breaker for the sunken receptacle. Use 1/4 inch neoprene tubing to shim out receptacle to be in line with wall surface by removing cover plate and placing cut pieces of tubing between the upper and lower wings of the receptacle and the edges of the sunken electrical box.

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